Zamora seeks to dethrone Estradas in San Juan

Zamora seeks to dethrone Estradas in San Juan

MANILA – Former San Juan City Vice-Mayor Francis Zamora said he does not intend to replace the Estrada dynasty with his own as he sets his eyes on the mayoral position with an election recall looming.

Speaking to ANC Tuesday, Zamora, who lost to Mayor Guia Gomez in the 2016 polls, said the plan is to change the system in the city ruled by the Estradas for 48 years and finish his term.

“If you ask me, looking down, who will I pass it on to if ever I became mayor of San Juan. My children are all very young, my father is already 70 years old,” he said.

“If I’m given a chance to become mayor all I want to do is serve my 3 terms if that indeed happens. If I will be asked if I am intending to build a dynasty of my own, definitely not,” he added.

The former city official said the 30,000 people who signed the petition for an election recall reflects the clamor for change among the citizens of San Juan.

Among the reasons cited in the petition for election recall are massive vote buying during the 2016 polls and corruption among some of the current and former city officials.

Zamora is the son of former President Estrada’s executive secretary Ronaldo Zamora who is currently serving as a representative of the lone district of the city.

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